Friday, May 2, 2008


the shot glass on the counter is full only of indication of the direction we are heading.

my blood is thinned by coffee, alcohol. aspirin. it soothes through me so smoothly. i tap my fingers. i tap my feet. i look up. to the trains. to the sky. to the flights ahead. the flights ahead.

i walk along the wooden boardwalk of tanner springs and jamison square. i unintentionally strut. i unintentionally notice everything. the passers-by, the quiet sighs, the way the buildings burst into the sky. like eruptions of butterflies. like the coming eruption of last night's drinks. like you throttling through the motions we go through. in and out. ebb and flow. knowing and unknown. i know.

at least, i used to. lately i'm not so compelled to anymore. i'm happy just to do my thing, look up and wait for whatever's on its way. rolling down the streets we careen. recklessly/restlessly/ relentlessly. i'm not asking for much these days. i won't ask for much. i have enough. for now. for what it's worth. to fill my hands and head.

or, at least, fill my hands instead of my head.

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