Sunday, May 25, 2008

meet me beneath the overhang

the weather here has been so unpredictable. we weather it with such grace. we run down burnside, beneath the lightning storm that's taken us by surprise. we run through the trivialities that just quietly subside. because we know what we want. and where we're going. and exactly what to do, for the first time, in a long time. we exhale.

and when the heat surges in, we roll up our jeans and roll down the windows and just drive. under the blanket of trees that is this city. along the river. out of our fragile minds. and we like it. we like it all, no matter, no mind. we've come to expect never knowing what to expect. so we cast and cast aside. we re-mold and re-fold and unfurl our fears, like a red carpet to step out upon, and walk upon, and smile on.

i, as always, tap my feet to the beats. i look up. i sip slowly. i unfold my arms. i crack my knuckles, out of habit. i step out into the elements. i look up to you, and quietly say hello. we glow, like afterthoughts now that we've finally got it right. and when the rain stings our sunburns, we find it so delightfully strange. so rightfully fit. so rightfully so.

i feel like i finally have it right again.

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