Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Broken stars are supernovas, are glorified. We shuffle stridently through each day, hoping we can one day glorify the damage done. And there on Facebook we face ourselves in light of the harsh light of so many other explosions to which we do not dare compare. We blindly look around at all these people, little celebrities in their own light. We are so silently watched. Trying to make the most of everything that surrounds us, in such tantalizing ways. Trying to feel the ways we hope we look. Only hoping we do not look the ways we feel. Broken stars are supernovas, are glorified. You can't help but feel like the fraud who's waiting to get caught. I'm always waiting to get caught, or just to catch on to everything around me that looks so sincere but feels so remote.

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Molly said...

Unfortunately we are all frauds. Although I would say that most of us are not doing it on purpose. Unfortunately, when we share what is really wrong in our lives, the people who do not know us well tend to only remember the drama, the struggles, the imperfections. Those who know us tend to work through it with us and move on when we do. So we keep those things private and only share with those we are closest to, meaning the rest of the world (or Facebook) only sees what is right. I often struggle with the fine line between being keeping private things private and letting people know that I'm having a hard time (i.e. showing people that I'm REAL and that it's okay to struggle).