Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a brief look at my final days before departure (part 6)

i was engaged. about a month before i left for asia, i popped the question in the middle of the night. he looked at me sleepily and somewhat surprise at the impromptu proposal. as he wiped the sleep from his eyes, i asked again. and he smiled.

we'd hardly known each other. by all accounts, including our own, the engagement was insane. it didn't stop us all the same. within three weeks he'd moved in, we'd planned the entire ceremony, and sent out save the date notices. i think, even then, i knew. i knew. but hope can so easily make you overlook the obvious, the dreadful, the reality of our actions. but i firmly believe everything happens for a reason. regardless of the outcome, i knew this engagement would have an astounding effect on so many aspects of my life, past, present and future. and that so many aspects of my past, present and future would have an astounding effect on my engagement.

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