Monday, June 30, 2008


ice walkers must be weightless. moving, while standing still. portraits unto themselves. each step a lifetime full of cautions. so careful not to crush the thinning cadence of previous movements. each rhythm lost, of this long procession song. to which they can never look back. even the slightest shift in pressure and they're gone. under their broken paths, watching the water freeze above them. an icy heaven to the hell their sinking in. watching their mistakes, their faults, float up and away from them. so visible, so out of reach. all they can do is go numb.

they can never look back.

sometimes there are only paths of ice between what we want and who we are. land bridges to lovely things. sometimes we must move while standing still. glide in stutters.

we are intrepid. portraits unto ourselves. so capable of so much.

my god, i'm getting married. my god, love is such a lovely thing.

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