Monday, June 2, 2008


going home changes all the time. what is home evolves and involves so many little things. the people, the places, the way we feel in a taxi passing through. and i'm passing through. through our histories, through the faces i have seen, through the places i have been. i'm passing by, mostly waving. mostly waving.

we marry. we talk. we look around and look beyond the get around. we vow and avow and figure out how to multiply past with present, dignity with grace. our hands are tied, we tie our knots; never knowing how not to look back. how not to look back upon the trials and trails and tails we've tapped. we marry. ideas and names and lips and tongues. politely wagging in backseats and in the backs of bars and in every bated breath. in every beating step. in everything we say and do.

we look forward. we find solace. we become succinct. in nature, in nurture, in the dainty details of digressing in every feud and fuck. in both good and bad luck. in late night phone calls that age us to the bones. we get lost in dial tones. calling, falling, paling, exhaling. better. better. better. we get better at barreling through the days.

we mend. we amend. we plan and pan the scenery. never knowing. never showing even a strand of paralyzing fear. instead we stand firm on what we're made of. we make of each other all we're worth. going home changes all the time. we're changing all the time. never saying it's too late. never saying it's too much. never saying much of anything more than i love you, i love you. i love you. we go home. we make due. we make up the makings of something bigger. something more. the sum of all the parts. we retrace our steps. we unearth emotions and memories. we exhume, recount, rebury. we marry.


Vesper de Vil said...

i am the founder and editor of Glossolalia (, an on-line journal for flash fiction.

i am currently conducting a call for submissions for the inaugural issue of Glossolalia. all rights remain with the author.

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vesper de vil

Drew said...

This is poetry, Josh.

Considerably less so: "Yblainx," the word verification word I'm asked to type to in order to compliment your post.