Monday, June 16, 2008


to forget. impossible. unsinkable, unspeakable truths. pearls spent and sped down drains into oblivions. barely there, but there nonetheless. imperial imprints, cemented. stones deep in our bellies. to forget is heavensent; impossible.

i sit here, between my sleeping family. and i search for ways to be better. to carry weight and to sustain. to look on and down the line. because life just multiplies. because life just got a hundred times grander. everything's beautiful. everyday a holiday. everything a hit.

and the old records play. and the needle makes a thousand miles in a turn. atoms eyes in the storm i'm barreling down. in the records i'm carrying around. in the beers we're guzzling down. when we announce. and we announce, and pronounce ourselves so well. artfully, articulately, attache.

touche! everything's as simple as we want it to be. and we want it to be. like fine wine and morning's song. moving out and on and along. down the roads we ride upon. let's ride. let's ride.

love bursts through open windows. there's nothing left to decorate. we inseminate. we emanate into imitation. impregnation. love bursts through open windows.

and i find you laying next to me. safety. i roll over and touch your face and say, 'marry me.'

and for the first time, in a long time, the whole world stops for you to say...


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